What is Node

Node is a revolutionary high-tech start-up, which disrupts a market niche of wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. Our innovative developments, research activities in the field of storage and transmission of electricity, allow us to offer solutions that are characterized by high quality and efficiency of use. There are several companies that accept bitcoin for buying electronic goods. Therefore, if you are an electronic freak, it is the best time to start your bitcoin trading. Thus you can be an investor in both the fields. You can use the bitcoin future software if you find trading to be complicated and stressful. These automated bitcoin robots take away all the pressure from your head and wisely manage your bitcoin trading.

We are on the final stage of testing of prototype devices. And there is two fundamentally different schemes are being explored and improved upon by our scientists:

  1. In an induction coil or an electric transformer, which have a metal or air core, the energy is transferred by a simple electromagnetic connection called magnetic induction. Using this method, the transmission and reception of energy became feasible at a considerable distance, but to obtain a significant voltage in this way it was necessary to arrange two coils very close to each other.
  2. A magnetic/capacitive resonant coupling is used, where both inductors are tuned to a mutual frequency, so that a considerable amount of energy can be transmitted over a considerable distance.

The essence of the promising technology from Node is the imposition of several electromagnetic waves in the form of impulses of different duration and frequency to each other, after which these waves pass through a special ferroelectric material and an electromagnetic lens from the structured metamaterial. Cryptocurrencies also rely heavily on node technology, which is the backbone of the blockchain. With the help of nodes, cryptocurrency networks can ensure that transactions are secure and reliable. As for cryptocurrency, it can be easily purchased via https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/autotrading/bitiq/, a trading software that utilizes AI-powered software to provide investors with high returns.


Remote and simultaneous transfer of energy to many devices with any power


Technology can be applied to any electronics


Low to medium cost, in comparison with other solutions, power transfer efficiency up to 90%

Smart Design

Less wires and more space saving. Convenient use and storage


Ergonomic and modern design

There are no limits
of what we can do with Nodes technology










and Components




A team of experts dedicated to drive the technology to the next level


CEO and Co-Founder of the 100AM. Previously, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Healbe - the company-developer of wearable devices. More than 10 years of experience in media (RBC, Hearst Shkulev Media) in marketing, business development and launching new projects. Top 5 Marketing Director in Russia (according to Kommersant rating in 2009-2010)

George Mikaberydze


Media and Brand communication consultant. 5 years experience in communication strategy development and media campaing implementation.

Elizaveta Tolstikova


Expert-analyst, independent consultant on investments in ITO projects, active crypto-currency entrepreneur, experienced sales and marketing specialist. Co-founder of Aurora Blockchain Capital, which is an international investment fund specializing in analytics and investments in crypto-currency assets.

George Erman


Strategic management consultant, expert in legal accompaniment of corporation activities. More than 10 years experience in mergers & acquisitions, business valuation and selling companies whether in domestic or international markets.

Sergey Lepeshkin


Marketing and business development director. Co-founder, CEO and Regional director of multiple startups in affiliate digital marketing, infobisuness, e-commerce such as: Marketing Sharks, Advertising school, Sparta, iTherm Ukraine etc. Resident speaker in Alfa Business Hub.

Iaroslav Taldykin


Experience in the equity market, banking sector and insurance. For more than three years, he's been leading a formed group of companies, specializing in marketing and Internet promotion of clients' businesses.

Vadim Kotov



Master of Engeneering, Electronics and Communication Systems. Many years of R&D; experience in electricity storage and transmission, new ceramic materials.

Pavel Zelenin


PhD in Economics. Over 10 years in financial consulting, winner of "100 best products of Russia", "Financial Russia 2007", "Financial Russia 2008". Business Angel, 15 startups in his portfolio.

Daniil Morozov


Scientist and inventor in mechanics and mathematical modeling. PhD in technical science, founder of the theory of robots with non-absolute memory. Wide practical experience in engineering design bureaus and computing centers. The author of more than 40 patents for inventions and certificates for computer programs. More than 100 scientific publications, including publications in scientific magazines of the USA, South Korea, Israel, India

Oleg Pensky

Chief Scientific Officer

Marketing expert with 11 years of project management, developed mostly within advertising and sport & health industries, including hardware projects (fitness tracker) with focus on U.S. and Europe markets & 9 years in marketing: brand strategy development, brand advertising campaigns development and execution, digital & cross media marketing, Degree in Marketing and Product Management

Olga Sivitskaya

Marketing Expert

Specialist in the field of Internet marketing and site building. Practical experience in building a complex Internet marketing in many niches of a business, including startups. Higher technical education, specialization - information systems and technologies.

Dmitry Okulov

Chief Technical Officer

More than 10 years of experience in banking. Long term practice of sales and financial analytics. Constant newscaster of the "Market Survey" rubric in the program "Week Results" on the regional channel RBC.

Irina Kotova

Financial Planning and Accounting Expert

Specialist in the field of investment, banking, finance and risk assessment. Eight years of experience in senior positions in companies such as: UralFD Bank and Perm-Invest. Master’s degree in Finance (Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland)

Denis Konogorov

Investments Expert

Successful management of startup projects for 4 years. Bachelor degree in Digital Marketing and Finances. Fluency in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Russian. Specialization in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain fields. Communicative, creative and innovative.

Ekaterina Naimushina

Community Manager

Long term practice of selling, developing documentation and consulting clients in the European and Asian markets. Has a higher legal and economic education.

Mikhail Pan

Sales: Asian markets.

Specialist in building sales systems and customer relations, as well as investments. More than 13 years' experience in such companies as: Lukoil and VISA. Master's degree in Management (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)

Yulia Trubnikova

Sales: European and US markets

Expert with more than 15 years of experience in project management, their modification and adjustment in countries such as: UAE, Qatar, Russia and Kazakhstan. Works in close cooperation with diverse and multinational teams.

Evgeny Petrikin

Sales: East markets

Many years of experience as a designer of products in the field of technology. Master’s degree in Graphic Design and Outdoor Advertising.

Ibtihaj Abrar

Product Designer



  • The project initiator and like-minded peopleconducted a research in the field of semiconductor and ceramic materials and their interaction with electromagnetic high-frequency impulsive fields

  • Based on the obtained results, a decision was made to commercialize the technology

  • Development of schemes and technological solutions, selection of components

  • Successful final testing of several prototype devices

  • The design concept was developed, materials and technologies for a sample batch manufacturing were selected

  • Registration of Node as a legal entity

  • Negotiations on financing and preparation for the ITO

  • Creation of a corporate website and marketing materials

  • Pre-ITO period

  • Patent registration, certification of products, start of a commercial lot production

  • ITO period

  • NODE token introduction to the trading exchanges

  • Launching the production of Alpha

  • Launching the production of Eon

  • Launching the production of Wireless Power Station

  • Wireless Future


Moontec 17

Tallinn, Estonia

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Valletta, Malta

Cryptospace Conference Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Blockchain Conference Kyiv

Kiev, Ukraine

Blockchain: future transformation

Moscow, Russia


Moscow, Russia

CES 2018

Las Vegas, USA

Blockchain Cruise Asia

Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand

The Crypto Finance Conference

St. Moritz, Switzerland

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines


World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

Moscow, Russia

Blockchain for SCF Masterclass

Frankfurt, Germany


Los Angeles, CA

World Blockchain Forum Dubai

Dubai, UAE

World Blockchain Summit Moscow

Moscow, Russia


The NODE token gives you a unique opportunity to invest in a revolutionary technological product - wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use. The current round of the funds raising is aimed at financing the Node devices production, marketing and sales.

The current stage of development is the best time to invest:

  • R&D; phase, prototype production and testing are successfully completed
  • All Tests of prototypes demonstrate full compliance with the declared characteristics
  • Maximum potential for the increase in investment
  • Smoothed risks related to the product's performance
  • Opportunity that is usually only available to business angels and venture capitalists.


There are the following reasons why the NODE token will grow in price:


The Annual buyback of tokens will be calculated using the following formula:

Volume of

Volume of NODE tokens sold

$ mln

That is, if the sales level of 10 million NODE tokens is reached, 30% of the Node profit will be redeemed, followed by a subsequent burning of the tokens.

Therefore, the interest income that will be received annually from the buyout of tokens will be easily calculated. Accordingly, the longer a token owner holds his tokens, the more income he can get.

The NODE tokens, which will be acquired as a result of the buyout, will be burned, thus total quantity of tokens will be reduced.

Discount program

Purchase of the Node products with tokens with a 25% discount in relation to the value in a fiat currency (US dollars). At any time, the buyer will have the opportunity to purchase the Node products and pay for the order with NODE tokens. The cost of the Node products will be calculated using the following formula:

The cost of production in $

1 NODE ($1)


In this case, the actual cost of Alpha when paying with NODE tokens will be 74.25 USD instead of 99.0 USD.

The NODE tokens, which will be acquired as a result of the sale of its products, will be burned thus total quantity of tokens will be reduced.

Referral Program

Referral program presented by Node is a unique opportunity to receive additional bonuses from invitations of other participants of the Node ITO.

If a participant buys NODE tokens using your referral link, you receive 7% from this particular purchase in NODE tokens. Your bonus from your referral's purchase will be visible in your ETH wallet as well as in your personal account:

The distribution of the referral bonuses will take place at the end of each bonus round of the ITO:

ITO 1st round: 15.02 - 24.02

ITO 2st round: 25.02 - 06.03

ITO 3st round: 07.03 - 16.03

ITO 4st round: 17.03 - 26.03

ITO 5st round: 27.03 - 16.04

You can find your referral link on the header menu after signing in your personal account.

Join Referral Program


The demand for NODE tokens will be formed by a combination of factors: the implementation of a buyback and the provision of a discount on products when purchased directly from Node. Depending on the ITO implementation scenario, with some assumptions, it’s possible to calculate the estimated annual "organic" demand for NODE tokens

Scenario Mln, NODE
Direct sales
by tokens,
Direct sales
by tokens,
mln $
mln $
1 2,5 10% 1,0 7,5% 0,19
2 5,0 10% 2,3 15,0% 0,84
3 10,0 10% 4,8 30,0% 3,56

That is, in the case of the third scenario, the estimated annual demand would be about 8 million US dollars without taking into account the increase in demand due to the release of new products to the market and the reduction in the number of free-to-use tokens.


Start 07.12.202012:00 UTC+2

End 14.02.2020

Token price:

Minimal contribution:

Total amount

of tokens:


receive bonuses:


10 USD in equivalent

0.75 million pcs.

07.12 - 07.01 50%

15.01 - 31.01 45%

01.02 - 14.02 40%

Total number

of tokens

including Pre-ITO:

10 million pcs.


Start 15.02.202000:00 UTC+2

End 15.04.2020

Token price:

Minimal contribution:

Early participants

receive bonuses:


10 USD in equivalent

15.02 - 24.02 30%

25.02 - 06.03 20%

07.03 - 16.03 15%

17.03 - 26.03 10%

27.03 - 16.04 0%

Token distribution:

2% of the sold

tokens on the

bounty program

All unsold and undistributed tokens are burned

Distribution of tokens (%)

Bounties (%)

Funds destribution

Pre-ITO (0,5 mln $):

  • Application for trademarks in Europe
    and the USA
    December 2017 – January 2018
  • Request for the patents in Europe and
    the USA (technology)
    January 2018 – February 2018
  • Finalization of the legal structure of the ITO, obtainment of a legal opinion
    December 2017 – January 2018
  • Marketing campaign for the ITO
    Febrary 2018 – April 2018

ITO (2,5-10 mln $):

  • Testing and obtaining a certification for
    Alpha in Europe and the USA
    January 2018 – March 2018
  • Production of the trial consignment of
    Alpha March 2018 - May 2018
  • Testing and obtaining a certification for
    Eon in Europe and the USA
    May 2018 – July 2018
  • Production of the trial consignment of
    Eon July 2018 - September 2018
  • Request for the patents in Europe and
    the USA (design and model)
    (October 2018)


We share with you our source code on GitHub because of a strong will to be fair with our participants

Sourse code on Github